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    This is where you can post up your ideas or to enquire about something you may have seen or heard about and what to find some information on it


    You will need about eight or ten lines of coke cans, so start collecting.
    Punch holes in the bottom of each can, then get tubes of ” No Nails” and stick them together
    end for end, amount of N/Nails to size of lines and unit being built.
    Leave the drinking end of the can as its the build up of air heat you want to bring up your temps.
    Next, you need to spray all the cans all areas of cans, matt black as matt black holds heat so much more.
    Remember there is no standard size for this, the bigger the better.

    Next, build a frame to house your cans vertically and ensure that the frame is about 12″ taller than your lines of cans.
    Also make sure that the box frame is only as deep as the cans, so when you lay it down and look along the edge
    you should just see the cans and no more. It should have a ply board back or if you have better use that,
    think of it as a slim display case housing your cans.
    Give your case a couple of small breather holes at the bottom.

    Now, for the top of your case area, the 12″ space, this needs to be at the top of your unit and you can cut out a circle,
    this can be any size in relation to your insulated hose, that gets attached to the hole by which the heat from the cans will travel.

    Lastly, you need to buy some Perspex to cover the entire front of your unit, not the thick type but strong enough to stop a hail shower
    and if your happy that your cans will stay in place seal the Perspex to the frame work.

    That’s it, your insulation tube can be up to 3/4 metres in length, ensure that you don’t lose any heat.
    Find your arc of the sun, angle your unit towards that and the heat from this should come out at about 82c.
    Plug that hose into your air intake or space you wish to heat and it will be warm in no time, its free heat and overnight it will cool to start again.

    Don’t think it need direct sun, the cans heat even with cloudy days which is a good thing here. and remember this, the bigger your
    unit the more heat available. Some people are heating their homes in the winter just with these saving a lot on central heating costs.

    Also this can be a great event for a school to collect your cans, you are recycling them and also fully supporting Sustainability to the max.
    Try to ensure they don’t get dented, reduces heat flow through the can lines
    If you have any problems, questions, just email me and I will get back to you with a simple answer.

    It will surprise you just how much heat comes out the top hole and relate that to gas or electric costs to run, your materials will pay for themselves
    in no time, it’s that straight forward. This can go from school to school and is one of the ideas we have seen and to tell others about, free heat for schools.


    Another idea we are now sorting out is our waste paper, we shred a lot of confidential paperwork and this as well as posters are being pulped down to make paper logs.
    We tried out the shredded paper and it works lovely, we should get from a bag of shredded, about 5 bricks and we are waiting for them to dry to test burn time and how we can mix with saw dust, or shavings, leaves, and whatever else we have as a waste product.
    So how about giving it a try, its very little cost outlay for the brick maker, about £10 and then just use your waste paper, in a bucket of water, goes to pulp.
    You then have your bricks, you can sell these to make a small return to put back into your project fund you have started, if you have a good look around, it’s surprising what you will find, and then share it with us on here, Bye for now !


    Just an update on the Thermal gain heater, we have about half the cans we need to start our own big version of this, when it is finished we will post pictures so you can see it for yourself


    We have built one, it works very well and is our demo model at present which will get a wondrous make over, but it works and its free heat.

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