About Us

About Us….

Treviglas Community College is based in Newquay, Cornwall and we are a Secondary college with over 1,000 students. We are hoping to help other schools with their projects or problems and look forward to making many new friends in the process. We are based in our local community and try to support them when we can and have plans to help with their waste and landfill in future projects.

We are the Energy Management started looking last year into costs and how to reduce these cheaply for the school. We worked with I.T. first and saw that we were using around 11,300Kw to run our system, around 620 computers. Simply changing timetables we have reduced that to approx. 3,200Kw.

Next we looked at various projects like Biomass, PV, wind, and LED’s. With LED for example, we currently use around 64,300Kwh just for lighting. With LED’s, this figure drops to around 24,500Kwh which is a huge saving just in lighting.  We are looking for funding to achieve this change throughout the school. We work hard to reduce energy bills and for the short time we have been working we have saved a good deal of money. It doesn’t cost anything to start saving. Some effective steps we’ve put in place haven’t cost us a penny – and we’re seeing results.

This Event is our first and we feel that it will be a platform to share information and help each other with finding solutions. We looked at a Green show in March and from that felt there was a huge sector missing; the support in Education.

Also at this time, our Team Sustainability began with a team of students, keen to help the College in reducing energy with their ‘Faces System’ – a reward and rebuke for teachers effective or ineffective use of energy in the classroom. By using this simple system they began to make changes, classroom by classroom and teacher by teacher. We have saved a great deal just by doing this simple scheme. We started with 10 members from Year 7, now we have members from most year groups keen to help and see the results for themselves. This group has grown now to around 35 members and more coming.
We are so pleased with the results so far, but we have only just started down the Eco road, we would like to see our team meet yours and share how we work out problems or ideas.

We feel that networking and helping each other regardless of distance needs to happen, we want to see us becoming a community where we know each other and able to help. We have groups who want this to happen and are supporting our Online Community. The workshops we have attended show us that once we start talking, good things happen and friendships are formed.

That’s the basis for our Online Community, we hope to see you join and find out how easy it is to save energy and costs for your site.